Artist Statement

I paint to express the relationship between my creative process and my intuition.

I work primarily in cold wax and encaustic, building multiple layers of textures, and then I scrape, make marks, and dig to unveil hidden aspects. The results are works of Abstraction and Abstract Expressionism created to effect peace and calm; to inspire and heal.

I believe that once a painting is completed, it has a life of its own.


Recent Exhibitions

  • SSWRAS Art Show Kathleen Menges

SSWRAS Art Show Kathleen Menges

Reet Herder, Lora Armbruster, Alyson Thorpe

Barb Leeder, Kathleen Menges, Bonnie Terry,

Catherine Brown, Drena Hambrook and Connie Wicklund

members of […]

  • Symbiotic Show

Symbiotic Show

I excited to be having a solo show title “Symbiotic” at the Silk Purse Gallery, Ambleside Park right on […]